Major objectives

  • Conduct sensitization program for protection of children rights and against child labor.
  • Conduct awareness building activities through coordinating among members of network.
  • Be active for development, protection and promotion of human rights.
  • Organize skill-based training for income generation.
  • Organized training, coordination meetings, research alobbying for women reproductive health.
  • Implement women empowerment programs.
  • Increase access for women in natural resources management, its protection promotion and utilizartion.

Completed activities

1. Womens right over natural resources

Training on right based approach, group discussions; orientation, interaction has been conducted to make local users especially women aware about their rights and access to Natural resources. Pursuit series of dialogue with different stakeholder, policy maker to secure the women rights on natural resources.

2. Human trafficking program

Anti trafficking activities(orientation) has been implemented in schools, campuses since 2055 BS. Collected information about trafficking from all VDCs of Makwanpur district and contacted the victims. Information about situation of girls in VDCs collected through interaction and meetings with women volunteers, health workers and maternity workers, and organized awareness development activities through children clubs and women groups.


SINCE 2055 BS, different awareness building activities such as orientation, interaction, meeting, street drama and rally have been implemented in schools, campuses and women groups.

4.Children rights promotion

For the promotion and security of children rights different activities such as capacity building and radio programs have been completed since 2055 bs. Activities such as training, interaction and discussion related to children rights are still on-going  among guardians, teachers, women groups and children clubs. Local children are trained and empowered to run a radio program and speak about children’s rights.

5. Reproductive health program
Since 2059 bs, different actvities related to sex and reproductive health of women such as research, lobbying, interaction and discussion among stakeholders have been done.

6. Lteracy program
Adult and women literacy classes and legal literacy classes had been done in some vdc’s since 2059 bs for raising awarness among women. These classes have helped the women to read and write basics things and do some simple calculations

7. Networking building and expansion program
Coordination and co-working among NGOs dedicated for the rights of women and children had been developed for lobbying for promotion of their rights.

8. Income generation program
Activities related to income generation such as sewing and cutting, fabric painting, computer training and hair- dressing completed in some VDCs and wards of municipality for destitute and poor women.

9. antidiscrimination program
Since the time of its establishment, ashmita Nepal has been dedicatedly working for women and children. We have completed many activities such as interaction, meetings, rally, discussion and street drama in coordinated form with organizations of network for raising awarness against all forms of discrimination to women and children.

Future programs
1. program related to reducing discrimination against women and children.
2. lobbying for the rights of women and children through community sensitization program.
3. programs against HIV/ AIDS.
4. skilled based training.
5. awareness building campaign for the rights of women and adolescent girls on reproductive and sexual health.
6.programs related to women empowerment and awareness campaign regarding their rights on natural resources.
7.women sensitization program to female members of community forest users groups.
8. literacy programs especially to praja community.
9.sensitization program on disaster management through children.
10. programs related to protection and promotion of human rights and monitoring the incidence of human rights situation in makwanpur.
11. campaign for human rights protection.
12. promotion of natural resources and forest based sustainable enterprises development.