Interaction programme

A high level interaction programme was conducted by ASHMITA Nepal at Makwanpur district, where respectful persons of society who have devoted their life to provide security, verdict to the general people were the participants. The views and thoughts provided by them was very fruitful.


WETCOFE (Supporting community based sustainable forest management and economic empowerment of women in central region of Nepal)

Donor Agency:- APFNet (Asia- Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation) Consortium Partners: Himawanti Nepal, Ashmita Nepal and CRMC nepal Supervising Agency: MoFSC Duration: 3 Year (Oct 2014 - Sept 2017)


Wooden Handicraft Business

Wooden Handicraft Training in Piple Pokhara CF, Hetauda-5 Makwanpur.


Harvesting Tools Distribution to 4 CFUGs of Makwanpur

Ashmita Nepal has distributed harvesting tools to 4 CFUGs of Makwnpur.


Silviculture practise in Newreni Chishapani CF and Manakamana CFs of Makwanpur.


Establishment of Women led Cooperative in Makwanpur

WETCOFE Project, Ashmita Nepal supported trainees of wooden handicraft training in establishment of cooperative in Makwanpur. Cooperative was formed by the first assembly to support wooden handicraft enterprise development in Makwanpur and for economic empowerment of women.


Woolen Handicraft Training in Makwanpur.

Organised by Ashmita Nepal in Collaboration with Namuna Yuba Suchana Kendra, Makwanpur for economic empowerment of Women.


Closing Ceremony of Woolen Craft Training

2073/ 01/ 16 In hall of NGO Federation, Hetauda, Makwanpur.