Established in 2055 BS (1998 AD), Ashmita Nepal has been working for improving situation of socially marginalized women and children through capacity building, skill transformation, leadership development, and livelihood enhancement. This organization had been operating different programs against all forms of discrimination towards women and children since its establishment.

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Harvesting Tools Distribution to 4 CFUGs of Makwanpur

Under the WETCOFE Program, Ashmita Nepal has distributed harvesting tools required for the harvestinf of forests products to 4 CFUGs of Makwanpur. The tools were distributed to Chair Persons of the Manakamana, Banaskhandi Devi, Piple Pokhara and Newreni Chishapani CFUGs by the Chief Guest Mr. Ramkrishna Thapa from DDC. The description and use of tools were described by the guest Mr. Prabin Bindari from DFO. Different medias, members of Ashmita Nepal and users of $ cfs were the participants in the program. Harvesting will be done according to Operational Plan and Constitution of the CFUGs.