About Us

Established in 2055 BS (1998  AD), Ashmita Nepal has been working for improving situation of socially marginalized women and children through capacity building, skill transformation, leadership development, and livelihood enhancement.
This organization has been operating different programs against all forms of discrimination towards women and children since its establishment.

With major objectives to conduct awareness activities to reduce discrimination against women and children, it has, from its past experience and lesson learnt, been involved in securing rights of women and children. Recently it has been organizing activities for lobbying, advocacy and equal participation of women in decision making process and right based training and meetings for bringing improvement in the thoughts and behaviors of patriarchal society centered to right based concept.

Specially focusing on women and children, Ashmita Nepal has been implementing different activities related to women empowerment, rights of women on natural resources, awareness against HIV/ AIDS, women rights on reproductive health and rights of children. In order to insure children rights and capacity strengthening, it has been implementing different activities establishing children clubs in VDCs  creating an environment for all round development for children.

This organization has reached in its 10th year of establishment and been affiliated to regional and national networks, and extended its organizational involvement for solidarity to carry its campaign forward for the maximum benefits of marginalized women and children, and national issues related with them.

Capacitate women and children for excersing their rights and increasing their participation in every sector of social development ensuring their access to resources.

Envisage a family, society and eventually a nation with justice, equitable and freedom from stigma and discrimination with guarantee of the establishment of values and dignity of women and children.

Reducing the social fear of stigma and discrimination and bringing positive changes in the illusive concept and understanding of society towards women and children through implementing right based awareness and capacity building, and livelihood program ensuring mainstreaming of marginalized women and children.


  • As long as women rights deterioration prevails, the situation of women cannot be uplifted.
  • A women trafficking means trafficking of national dignity.Because of this trafficking the society and nation has been dropped back in development.
  • Women have equal rights as men in nation building and natural resources.
  • All children should get an environment to exercise their fundamental rights.